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Brima Deen


AAA Home Care’s goal is to provide comprehensive and compassionate home care services on an individualized basis. The joy of operating a home health care service is having the opportunity to directly improve the lives of our clients, providing services tailored to the individual clients’ needs. 

As a long-time Virginia resident, I know that many local seniors and young families could benefit from our comprehensive services built on advanced technology.

Our approach to in-home care services bring greater flexibility, more connection to the community, and provide families with the comfort of knowing that their loved ones are paired with their choice health care providers.

Our desire to help our communities, our compassion for their distinctive needs and the ability to create technologies for families to express their concern, love and devotion to their family members, regardless of geographic location is what we do best.  Check out AAA Home Ride for your family member’s transportation needs. We provide medical transportation in real time. Download the app on your mobile phone now to request your medical transportation service in minutes.   

My team has enough time and resources to manage our aging clients using advanced technology. 

It’s sometimes challenging, time consuming and emotionally demanding on primary caregivers when providing health care services, they are not trained to perform. 

Clients with Dementia can quickly become extremely violent and overwhelming when their needs are not met in a timely manner.  Additional support could become inevitable because it’s essential to their health and the continued vitality of the entire family.

Many local seniors can benefit from our new home care technologies during home health care services.  Plan of care for the entire family using technology throughout the care planning process is a key component of the concept of “patient-family-centered care,” which is included in our patient care services through our software applications available at the fingertips of all family members involved in the patient care service planning, developed to meet the needs of our patients.

At AAA Home Care, we use the most advanced home health care technologies to create opportunities for effective communications between members of our patient’s family. 

We ensure compliance with government regulations, doctor’s orders, prescriptions, and care plans for proper administration. We are proud to be a patient-family-oriented Business, recognizing an aging world, and have obtained insight into how families can connect better with their loved ones to ensure their safety,  comfort, and positively engage.  

What Makes us Different?

We are different from other agencies because of our extensive home health care Services tailored to meet specific needs of our clients. We take our time to listen to the client and tailor care, plans around specific needs through our Custom Care Plan (CCP) and custom caregiver matching (CCM) system.

Home Health Care is a Special treat for our clients

Most of our Health Care Providers (HCP) understand the needs of families in need of home health care. We genuinely take pleasure in improving the lives of other families. AAA Home Care hires loving and compassionate Health Care Providers (HCP) who are specially trained to provide health care services for anyone regardless of their ability to pay, their religion, creed, nationality, etc. We believe that our Health Care Providers (HCP) can help our clients and their families to maintain independence for as long as possible, within the comfort of their own home. AAA Home Care mission is to enable anyone with specific health care needs to special needs especially our seniors (elderly), and disable persons to live in their homes happily, healthier, strong, and independent lives. For more information, please visit our media center to get updated information. You may also be interested in visiting our office to speak with a specialist who can assess your home health care needs and tailor the care plan that will meet your needs.

AAA Home Care LLC introduces our Veteran Outreach Program, offering everything from occasional personal care to continuous care for survivors of catastrophic injuries.

Returning service men and women and their families deserves specialized medical and health care services.   Our agency is a licensed Home Care Provider with the State of Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services. We can bill public or privately with Medicare; Medicaid and TriCare as network service providers. We also invite you to learn more about our reasonable private billing system. In addition to our health care services, we also provide social media services and technical support for our clients at no extra charge, assisting with computer literacy and cell phone usage training. (We fix their computer for free.) We help our clients to communicate with their love ones via social media, like Facebook, send and receive emails, and edit document, thank you for visiting us on-line.


AAA Home Health LLC


Zach J
Zach J
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Very responsive to act. They make sure that you have the best health care and that you’re comfortable. When there’s a problem you can call at ANY time of the day and the call to action is immediate. They’re very kind people and they will always be there to help you when you’re in need.
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Spoke with one of the representative over the phone and he responded promptly and with professionalism and compassion. I would recommend AAA HOME CARE to anyone! They work with me and tried to understand all my needs treated me with respect. I cannot say enough good things about AAA HOME CARE The cost of care is reasonable; the peace of mind is priceless.” The RN gave valuable tips and suggestion after looking around the home and came up with a plan that met MY needs.
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It a great service. Employees are always on time. Take care of my needs. Always explaining things that seems difficult to me. Encouraging me to do my best. Encouraging me to do my exercises even when am down. The employers are always handling my needs. Answering all my questions. Help me with my health.